Sandbags for Pipeline Stabilization Flood & Erosion Control

J & S Maintenance Services is the leading supplier of empty and pre-filled sandbags in the Midwest. We offer a complete line of quality sandbags, both burlap and polypropylene, pre-filled or empty, to fit your numerous and ever-changing needs. From the smallest and most temporary job to those that are more long-term and require ultimate durability, we have the sandbag for you.


A sand bag is a sack or bag made out of polypropylene or burlap filled with sand or soil that can be used by anyone for a variety of uses, included, but not limited to;

  • Flood/water flow control and diversion– By far the most common use, filled sandbags offer a first defense against flooding, limited or non-existent drainage, and water seepage which could otherwise be hazardous and extremely dangerous to people, animals, structures, and landscapes. Residents of areas that are known for frequent flooding often have many sandbags on hand, lining basement and garage walls and creating a solid and highly impenetrable lining. When stacked up, secured, and left to sit for periods of time, filled sandbags settle, becoming even stronger and able to withstand incredible force. Sandbags that are used for flood control or water in any way are usually made of polypropylene, as the properties of this specific type of plastic tend to withstand rot and mildew better than those made of natural fibers. Although not completely watertight, these sandbags, when filled, offer an effective temporary solution.
  • Erosion control- Erosion is a pesky and sometimes extremely destructive natural or man-made issue. Whether trying to maintain a slowly eroding sloping backyard, diverting water flow in order to protect structures or landscapes, or attempting to maintain coastal pilings or beaches, sandbags are some of your best allies. Sandbags are also frequently used on roadways in order to redirect water so that it does not flow over the road and cause impassable flooding or hydroplaning, which can lead to accidents and danger for both pedestrians and drivers alike.
  • Traffic control- Filled sandbags can be used to create temporary barricades and road blocks. They also can be used to hold down the bases of traffic signs, offering a secure and simple way to ensure the safety of all people on the road. Although we might not think about small details like securing a road sign, without proper weight to hold it down, that sign could become a hazard to all. Sandbags, when full, range in weight from 25-50 pounds, depending upon their size, which makes them a perfect choice for a quick and simple method of holding something on the ground.

Sandbags are incredibly important and useful, and can be crucial building blocks in many emergency and non-emergency situations, and We are here to meet all of your sandbag needs, whether small or large, near or far.


Commercial sandbags are made of either burlap or polypropylene.

Burlap bags are made from natural jute fibers, which makes them extremely durable, highly resistant to the seepage of water, and completely biodegradable. Because jute is a natural fiber, burlap bags have been made and used for years for a number of different applications. They tend to be a bit heavier than other bags, due to their inherent structure, and are not quite as mold and rot resistant as polypropylene.

Polypropylene sandbags, also known as poly bags, are a very widely used and cost effective choice. Thousands of strands of polypropylene woven tightly together and highly reinforced offer a very strong alternative the natural toughness of jute. When empty, poly bags can be packed away very tightly, making them a great choice for occasional use and low-profile storage. Although they are not biodegradable, they are often the choice for longer projects which require long-lasting durability and viability.

J &S offers a wide range of sandbags for your every need. We have both burlap and polypropylene bags on-site and available. Our polypropylene sandbags all offer 1600 hour UV protection, which means that these bags will last for years. UV protection that means peace of mind for you.

Our polypropylene sandbags are 850 deniers and come equipped with hem tops and tie strings for simple and secure closure.

Although sandbags were traditionally filled with a shovel or with bare hands, we have a sandbag filling machine, which allows us to fill up to 12,000 bags per day, quickly and efficiently!

Sandbags can be purchased palletized or in bulk for ease of loading and unloading on-site. We also ship both empty and filled sandbag anywhere in the continental United States!

J&S Maintenance Services - Sandbags for Pipeline Stabilization Flood & Erosion Control
J&S Maintenance Services - Sandbags for Pipeline Stabilization Flood & Erosion Control
J&S Maintenance Services - Sandbags for Pipeline Stabilization Flood & Erosion Control
J&S Maintenance Services - Sandbags for Pipeline Stabilization Flood & Erosion Control
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