J & S Build-to-Suit Developments

J & S Maintenance Services is a premier build-to-suit developer, with a focus on providing custom real estate solutions for modern industrial warehouses, specialized distribution centers, light manufacturing and data storage facilities.

Key elements of our build-to-suit approach include:

Build-To-Suit Experience

J & S has a successful track record of helping companies tackle sophisticated build-to-suit projects. Supported by an in-house team of development experts, we understand how to quickly work through zoning, permitting, utility, infrastructure and road improvement requirements to fast-track exceptionally complex builds.

Comprehensive pre-development process to ensure an efficient and accurate build. The expertise and real estate market knowledge to identify build-to-suit sites near major transportation infrastructure

Logistics And Transportation Capabilities

At J & S, we understand the value and importance of logistically advantaged real estate. From start to finish, we can help from site selection to the design and development of build-to-suit facilities that significantly improve supply chain efficiency.

Robust Assets And Relationships

We are a premier developer of build-to-suit properties with a focus on logistically advantaged facilities. We have the financial creativity, flexibility, in-house resources and third-party networks to quickly and nimbly complete complex build-to-suit projects.

Industrial Real Estate Build-to-Suit Capabilities

Backed by decades of experience in industrial real estate development, our team has the expertise and flexibility to rapidly develop and execute complex build-to-suit development projects for clients across a range of industries and geographic locations.

With thousands of acres of available land in business parks throughout Ohio, J & S has the ability to fast-track build-to-suits for world-class properties located near major transportation infrastructure.

J&S Maintenance Services - Build To Suit
J&S Maintenance Services - Build To Suit
J&S Maintenance Services - Build To Suit
J&S Maintenance Services - Build To Suit
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